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Pimp Your Play Kitchen

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Play kitchens are expensive.  I had resolved to make one out of cardboard boxes when the timing seemed right.  However, after watching the boy play with some play kitchens at a preschool we tried out, I decided that the whole idea of playing with a non-functional sink was probably not nearly as fun as playing with a real sink.

To quote M, “Mommy, why doesn’t this sink work?”


So I built a small box around an 18 gal Rubbermaid container.


The top of the sink is a piece of scrap melamine MDF with a hole cut out to fit an IKEA TROFAST storage tray.  I cut a hole in the tray (which was no easy task) and hot glued a drain into it.  Lots of hot glue.  The IKEA peeps don’t like their plastic to be easily cut by irritated moms with dull jigsaws.  I recommend finding an alternative.


The faucet is a PVC toilet fitting sprayed silver.


Then I ran pond tubing through that and stuck a cheap tabletop fountain pump in the Rubbermaid and voila!  $32 later a functional recirculating sink.


Hours of fun indoors or out.



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