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A little crazy, a lot of fun.

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Googly Eyes Make Everyone Look Better

Great afternoon activity:

Cut up a bunch of photos of animals or people and glue googly eyes on them.

These eventually became puppets with chopsticks taped on the back.


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Create Better Blocks

I have a really nice set of hardwood blocks.  But I was about to throw out some floor samples and suddenly it occured to me that these would make great additions to the blocks.


So I added:

  • A rubber floor sample
  • A piece of synthetic grass
  • A few larger pieces of pine (8″ wide cut into various lengths)
  • Some scrap samples left over from my sister’s gate – very dense, dark hardwood already stained


M had a great time making garages and putting the cars on pedestals.  Very mid-century design and a lot more creative than just a set of blocks.